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Katherine Banks my 8th G-Grandmother and John F Kennedy’s. Our Connection!

A great deal of research has gone in to connecting my family with JFK’s, our 35th President. It is already been added to my Family Tree with Citations and sources. Here is a snapshot of the connection…Newly updated Chart: What is interesting is Katherine Banks 1st husband, my 8th Great Grandfather’s father died of the Black Plaque in 1616 his …Continue reading →


New Addition to the website

Thanks to Misty Hamilton Smith, I now have my Family Tree embedded in to the website. You can now look at each name, click on it and review. There are many exciting changes planned for the website as well as the next book I am working. This new book is more of a story telling book with many very interesting …Continue reading →


Some old research documents and photos!

To see some of my old research documents and photos, just click here! I will be adding a new page soon for all the new information collected.


Genetic Genealogy, the only way to build an accurate family tree!

After all the research, names, places of birth, marriage and death… I decided to have my DNA tested. Thats when all the questions really started for me.  New resources, easier access to facts brought me to the point of starting over! As I start this new project, I know I have tons of more work ahead of me no doubt! …Continue reading →


Our Group on Facebook

I started a group on Facebook called Amos Collins Family Tree! If you are on Facebook and you believe you are related to Amos Collins, please stop in and join in on the conversations! UPDATE: We ave made the tree private but if you would like to join, just request to be my friend and let me know why! I …Continue reading →


A Walk with my Ancestors! New Book

I am now fact checking the old book and finding many area’s that need updating as well as new information to add. So, stop in at our Facebook Group if you have not joined already, and share in the excitement as we all start getting our DNA results back, share new information we have just discovered, or photos and stories …Continue reading →


1880 Census of some of the Davidson and Sizemore family!

1880 Census, Leslie Co, KY—- District 1—– Census taken June 14, 1880 Household of John Davidson John Davidson, age 34 yrs, Farmer. Born KY, parents born VA. Susan Davidson, wife. age 41 yrs, keeping house. Born KY. father born VA. Mother b. KY Sallie A. daughter, 11 yrs, born KY Franklin, son. age 11 yrs, born KY. Larcinda (or Lurcinda) …Continue reading →


Download your FREE copy of Living Memories!

My book is now complete! There will be a revised edition later on as more information comes through but for now, I am considering it done. This is a large file so it will take several mintues to open. Enjoy


Living Memories Book, rough draft is ready for review Second Edition is now being written, check back for a copy of the rough draft of that book as well! Final copy will be publish in hardback form! Information on how to purchase your copy will be on this page when it is ready…


Writers Block

One thing I have discovered is the cure to writers block! Go camping in an RV and have wireless connection.  Without all the distractions of everyday life,  your mind can get flooded with memories of your childhood. Since my book is about my childhood and past memories of relatives long since gone, this is great! My deadline is the end …Continue reading →


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