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My Life

A post that is long overdue!

Since so many have requested version 2 of the book, I have started working on that. I had no idea how much information I was going to receive from all of you, and what a wonderful surprise. The first copy took almost 5 years to write because it involved so much research. Now, much of you have contributed tons of …Continue reading →


Living Memories Book, rough draft is ready for review Second Edition is now being written, check back for a copy of the rough draft of that book as well! Final copy will be publish in hardback form! Information on how to purchase your copy will be on this page when it is ready…


Making new friends

This past weekend, I made new friends! It wasn’t just social, it was cosmic! We connected in ways only we and them could understand. Friendship that will last a lifetime. Carolyn… Naturally!


Following a dream

I dropped out of high school, got married and had my children. I had always wanted to graduate and go to college but chose a family instead. Years later, my dream came true. I studied hard and realized you never get to old to follow your dreams. I graduated in 1999 with honors and earned an MBA!


Chickens! Kentucky Fried…

One wonderful morning, I watched my grandmother ever so carefully pic just the right chicken for dinner and what a FAT one it was. After all, she needed to feed about 10! She walked up to the perfect BIG fat chicken and placed her hand behind it’s neck and with a quick jerk, the process began. We plucked, and plucked …Continue reading →


Mrs. Hicks

2008 to be continued…. OMG! I found this old post and realized I had not written anything! Not one word, nada, nada, nada! Just didn’t have the heart to delete it!


Corn Liquor!

Yes, it goes way back in my family in the eastern hills of Kentucky! More later…


A Hogs Head… aka a Hogs Killing

Like pork? When I was very small, I remember stepping outside and watching a ritual I will never forget. Exactly how do people in Kentucky begin the winter. First hand witness, I can and will tell… story to be continued.


Education… hmmm

Well, my mother graduated from the 8th grade. My Dad from the 3rd. Where did that leave me? I needed more out of life so I started my journey. I finished high school years after my kids were born because it was a lifelong dream of mine and yes, I was a high school dropout! I started collage solely to …Continue reading →


Being born a coal miners daughter…

It’s never easy for us eastern Kentucky coal miners kin to talk about our past… so therefore, the thread will continue….


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