Just a bloggin!


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Hello everyone, today I decided to start a thread about just a bloggin! These are the days when I have nothing to say that falls in any category but is important to me. So, I just wanted to mention that life is good. I had a great day in the Florida sun working on a tan. Made new friends. Saw old friends. Remembered all my wonderful family that served in all the previous wars with heart felt memories. Ended my day writing to my fans!

First Day of the rest of my life, part 1


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Today is the first day of the rest of my lifeā€¦

It was early 1970, sometime in July. I remember feeling the hot summer night, sweating, restless, and not sure who I was, or why I was born or placed upon this earth. Many questions ran through my mind that one July night. Why was I born? What exactly is my purpose? As I look back, I can hardly believe that night. As I remember it, I slipped into my bed. Un-noticed by anyone, yet I did not feel alone.

I wondered why I always felt so different? I somehow felt one day the world would know me as someone I at the time, could not possible understand. I needed no explanation. I needed no understanding. I knew that night, that all I had to do was discover the truth, the truth I would understand tonight of all nights.

I lay there looking out my small window. The hot summer air, the need for cool air. The moonlight, the stillness within me. I knew that something was about to happen that would change me forever, if not for one moment in time, a night that would exist forever within me, I would discover the truth. The truth of who I was, and why I had wondered this for all but 15 of my tender childhood years.

One has to wonder, how does one experience an epiphany? A life changing moment? Yes, I would do this tonight, I would understand my reason for being.

I closed my eyes, I cried, I begged for understanding. After all, I had wondered many times exactly what was my purpose in life. Tonight, I would know. How could someone so young, want to know so much? After tonight, I would have all the answers. I would know.

To understand who I was, who I am, and who I will be, you must first understand who I was meant to be in your lifetime, if not in mine.

I awoke sometime around two in the morning. The breese was so wonderful! I suddenly realized that I was lying face down….