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June, 2008

My first pink diamond!

Wow, we had gone back to Hyden, Kentucky  and I was about 8 years old. There was this old family store and I had five cents in my collection. I put the nickle in the machine but it took awhile for the money to register and my pink diamond to drop into the little slot in it’s plastic bubble. I …Continue reading →


Spinning Tops!

When we were small, our house burned down. Years later we returned and I found my spinning top! Only slightly burned…


Giving birth to Carolyn Victoria!

What memories! This one involves giving birth to a baby in my most difficult times of my life. My father was killed when I was 17 and Victoria was born two months later. Between Darvons being given to a pregnant women and hard times, I’m not sure where to start so how about I start this thread on another day. …Continue reading →


Carolyn Davidson Hicks’ birth

Remember when? I do! I remember a white room. Everyone was dressed in white. Although I could not see clearly, I remember. I remember the sweeping motion of being tossed upside down and the pain of crying with my first breath. I remember the warmth of my mothers cuddling arms and nothing more! However, that is my birth!


When Baby Ann was born

Wow, I remember when Barbara Ann was born. What a day! We were taken to the hospital but because mom had so many babies, 7 at the time, we stood outside Clark County Memorial Hospital. I saw my mom looking out a window holding a new born from somewhere stories high in the sky. When this little girl came home, …Continue reading →


Just a cup of tea…

It was around 1958 and I was about three at the time. We lived in Eastern Kentucky, I believe it was Hyden. One of my fondest memories was, I had this little tea cup and saucer. I sat in the rocker on the front porch feeling most lady like, pretending to drink from my fancy tea cup. I remember my …Continue reading →


The Frozen Man

Christmas, 1969! It was around Christmas time and the winter was really bad that year. The snow had but almost snowed us in. Wood was wet from the wood pile and being dried inside the house to carry us through the snowstorm. We had snowdrifts 5 to 6 feet deep in front of the house. Suddenly, someone knocked on our …Continue reading →


Indiana Army Amunition Plant

Ever heard of that place? My Dad worked there  and it was about 23 gates long on Highway 62, between Charlestown and Jeffersonville, Indian! More coming soon…


Dad Tried to Quiting Smoking…

My dad struggled to stop smoking before he was killed by a gun. That is another story I’ll need time before I am ready to write about it. Anyway… The story goes back a few years before he died, when he would ask me to light his Winston for him. He’d say, just put it up to the fire and …Continue reading →


Baby Ann, my little sister!

My baby sisters name is Barbara Ann Davidson. What a blessing to my life she has been. But of all the wonderful stories I could every tell you about her is when I called her Baby Ann. I decided I wanted to take on the task of being her teacher! Yes, I wanted to teach her, her ABC’s, and how …Continue reading →


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