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Historical Photo and Notes:
Morrow, Roe, Noeh and Henry Davidson: Morrow, Roe, Noah and Henry Davidson

John, Susan and Sam Davidson: It is our Great Grandpa John and his wife Susan… with them is our Great Uncle Sam which is John’s brother.John, Susan and Sam Davidson

I have John and Susan Davidson is the parents of our Grandpa Frank Davidson…

Grandpa Frank had Sam and Bob as brothers and a sister named Sally Ann

Frank and Emerian had these children.

Henry Davidson DOB 7/1/1894 Died 5/22/1981
Laura Davidson DOB 7?8/1897
Gilly Davidson DOB 12/9/1898
Johnny Davidson DOB 6/1/1909
Susie Davidson DOB ?
Rosevelt Davidson DOB ?
Mollie Davidson DOB 7/27/1901 Died 6/27/1988
Noah Davidson DOB 12/8/1913 Died 6/18/1979
Roe Davidson DOB 10/29/1916 Died 12/19/1999
Morrow Davidson DOB 12/2/1919 Died 8/12/2001

Uncle Henry Married Essie Napier. Essie DOB 9/25/1900 Died 7/16/1970

Henry and Essie had Norma she has two kids Ricky and Sharon? Emma who married George Fuzznecker ,, had two girls Betty Lisa and Lisa Marie Roscoe had a daughter named Stanley Louise

Delmos married Naoki thier kids Robby, Michelle , Cath and Denise

John Henry Davidson: John Henry DOB 6/20/1933 Died 9/17/1973

Gracie Blackwell Davidson… married Tommy Blackwell Gracie DOB 12/5/1926 Died ..Tommy Blackwell DOB 6/10/1923 Died 9/26/1987 thier kids are Kenneth Ray Sizemore… Ruby May, Stephen, Diana, Eddie, Betty Ann, Richard,, Angela, Tammy, Tommy…. Kenneth Ray Sizemore Gracie’s Son.. has Kids Donna Jean, Sherry, Kenneth Ray adn Kimberly. he has a grandson named Joshua… Kenneth Ray has a half sister named Doris Jean ! Ruby Mae Moss( Blackwell) her children… james Henry, Essie Christina, and Alex. Christina ,,, Rubys daughter married Toby Anderson and thier child is
named Dylan Ruby’s daughter married a Phelps and had to kids Chelsea and Andrew ruby has a grandchild named Amanda James Lanoster.. the mother Kim Stpehen… has Stephen , Larry Ray, and Josh Diana had Coreena, Michelle, and Amber lee ann Eddie his son named Travis Betty Ann had Deviana … Richard to my last count had no kids Tammy,, has nathan, Jordon and Aron Tommy … last recorded by me had no kids Edd Davdson has one son named Eddie Davidson Jimmy Married Donna
thier kids are Emma, Jeff, and Jamie

Henry Davidson in front of Morrow Davidson’s store: this picture was taken at my dads business known as Davidson’s Sunoco in Richmond Indiana.. where my dad was a Machanic . and Proprietor..
for many years… Uncle Henry had come up for a weeks visit Uncle Roe’s wife Aunt Edna: two photos, him alone and one with his family!Henry Davidson, grandpa

Uncle Roe.. married aunt Edna.. not sure of her maiden name… thier children are.
Crystal…… Morrow ,, Shirley… Jerry…. Laura Jean….. and Wanda Fae. Shirley.. married Charles Collins they had Tracy and Michael Collins ….

Laura and Wil Begley: Aunt Laura when she was married to Will Begley .. she was married more than once… the funny story my dad always told on Aunt Laura she didnt like telling her age and always never got a year older. until she was old enough to draw Social Security and rather admitted her age then lol. Luara and Will Begley

Edna and Babel Davidson at the old Davidson Homeplace: Its of my Aunt Edna.. Uncle Roe’s wife.. cooking on the old wooden cook stove… Edna and Mabel Davidson, Old Davidson Homeplaceat the original Davidsons Log Cabin home. great memories of fried chicken.. with fried apples.. good ole home made cat head Biscuts they called them. with fresh churned butter .. and us kids
would sprinkle sugar on them… yummmmm

Laura Davidson old photoLaura at her old age: I sent it cause it shows how they all look somewhat a like as they age. and she also looks very much like our Grandmother Emerian.. which my dad pronounced Emriarh… but dont find it spelled as he pronounced it.

Johnny and Lou Ellen Davidson: This picture is our Uncle Johnny Davidson… with his wife Lou Ellen.. I dont know aunt Lou Ellens maiden name….. they had a daughter named Ruby….. her kids were Larry and Loretta…

Loretta’s kids are Brian Cruse, Heather Yeates …. Frank Davidson ,, Married Joe.. thier kids were Wayne, Debbie and Teresa… Barbra Gallispie… franks daughter had two kids Larry, and Shawna Wayne married Janet and they had a son named Shane..

Debbie ( Lawerance ) Davidson had a daughter named Nicole Lawarance Teresa Cissel Davidson
childrens names are…….. Jake, Alica Heather, Jake Alberta her kids are Gary, Mike and Wanda William his kids are Anita, Rex and Linda William married Ruth. Rex kids are Rex allen,,, Shannon, Brad, Kelsy, Kody Linda’s kids are……… Todd , Jennifer, Justin

Noah DavidsonUncle Noah Davidson. married Mary. not sure her maiden name either.

They had chldren named. Walter, Helen, Martha Emma, Kermit, Billy Harold, Thermon, Carl and
Curtis…. Tensley Walter’s wife name was Gracie… not sure her maiden name. Helen ( Davidson) married Charles Guthrie, they had three kids. RIta,,, Larry, gosh can’t think of the other ones name.. If I think of it will come back and add it.. Kermit’s wifes name is Shirley ,, again not sure of her maiden name Carl’s wife is named Wanda Lee. but again no maiden name Curtis wifes name is Anna… I dont have Martha Emma’s husbands name as well.

Gracie and Walter Davidson.. had a daughter.. she was born 2/10/70 and her name was Tammy Lenora Davidson she died on 8/10/92 they also have some sons.. Sunny is one .. of them.. Billy harold had a daughter named Rhonda.. and Curt and Anna took her in .. and raised her. I think they adopted her but not positive. Curtis and Anna also have a son named Doug Davidson.. which goes by the stage name Doug Hollister…Curtis Davidson and Doug Davidson Holister

Morrow Davidson married Mabel Baker.. of Cutchin Kentucky…

They had two children. myself 11/7/55 Vickie Lynn Davidson and my brother Ray Dean Davidson… born 5/3/59 My father had been married before and he and his x wife had 3 children.. one son named Danny Davidson . that died jan 17/69. not sure of his DOB.. I have two living half sisters. one named Eva Carol. and the Reba Elaine…Reba is in Florida and Eva in Ohio. Vickie has two children.. Danny Edward Berry.. 1/2/77 I was formerly
married to Jackie Berry…

Amy Ranae Berry 6/1/80 My son married Elizabeth Ingram.. they have two sons.. Caleb Daniel Berry 3/16/2000 Connor Matthew Berry 1/4/2004 my daughter married a Johnny Hernandez which later became divorced. but they had a daughter name Olivia Victoria Hernandez. 7/12/2000 she later had a child by her fiancé .. Billy Smith .. her name is Alora Dawn Marie Smith.. born 6/2/04 I remarried and married Kelvin Eugene Rogers.. June 10th 2000 My Brother married Kelly Cox.. she already had a daughter named Courtney Cox then they had a child of thier own named Dalton Dean Davidson….
My brother also had a child born out of wedlock.. her name is Jessica Rae Davidson.. she married Orville Hanes and they have a son named Keith…

Old Davdison Family Photo: Aunt Molly… Aunt Susie.. etc.. and some old pics of grandma and grandpa davidson..

Molly and PearlMolly Davidson and Pearl Ledford: Aunt Molly… she was married I believed to a man named Pearl… they had a son named Donald..

Aunt Susie.. and I think this is her husband . but not positive.. its Clifford Ledford. Photo was restored by me.

John Henry Davidson: Old photo John Henry Davidson old photo

Clifford Ledford: Clifford Ledford

Morrow Davidson clearing the creek in thousandsticks, Ky. This picture is taken of my gUncle Morrow. the one with the cigerette hanging out of his mouth lol… Morrow Davidson moving rocks from bullcreek!not sure who is the other person in it… but this was in THOUSANDSTICKS.. just below uncle Noah’s where we often had to remove Huge rocks cause you litterly had to drive through the creek bed to get to thier house. and other houses up through there.. so if you needed to pray the rock up out of the way. or what ever.. you had to so you wouldnt drag..

Old family photo: Grandpa Frank Davidson sitting with our Grandma Emerian’s hand on his shoulder… Uncle Henry.. Old Davidson PhotoI believe is the one holding the baby.. which is My daddy Morrow…… In between grandpa Frank and my daddy… appears to be Uncle Roe Davidson. The two boys in the back the one on the left … Uncle Johnny I think is on the left. and to his right would be Uncle Noah…

Old Memories by Vickie Davidson Rogers: Curtis Mom was Mary yes and Uncle Noah…

I have a picture here somewhere of Aunt Mary making those Home Made cat head biscuts. and boy where they good with Honey and butter and a glass of milk.. and Bullcreek is where that picture is taken of my dad and them moving the rock out of the creek so we could drive to their house..

There used to be a small grocery store.. just up bullcreek.. not sure if it was called sizemores or what.. but id stop and with a quarter buy u ncle Noah all kinds of candy… and he would just smile…

I also played in those creeks with Uncle Roes daughters Laura Jean and Wanda Fae.. and catch crawdads while at night time they’d scare me with stories of I WANT MY BIG HARRY TOE lol… such funny memories of way back when lol

The only picture I dont have is Aunt Armilda Davidson. who married a Smallwood.. I can’t exactly remember his name but it will come to me.. and they had children… I know one they called Velvet and later she changed her name… Aunt Armilda’s DOB is 6/9/1907 Died 12/1984

Gilly Davidsons DOB 12/91898 Died 12/16/1901 Gilly Davidson death record, no photo available

Morrow Davidson’s Chef Diplomia where in the Army he obtained that.. Not sure quite what all you would want. The picture and paper file I scanned are on the graves I think of Gilley and Rosevelt Davidson.

aylor Sizemore Taylor Sizemore….

Morrow and Roe Davidson, old photos Indian chief and them playing banjos: Brothers!
together.. One of 4 of them sitting on the couch up on bullcreek where uncle Noah lived …. from left to right is my Dad Morrow Davidson, then Uncle Roe Davidson, Uncle Noah and Uncle Henry Davidson.. the other picture with 3 boys are Uncle Roe, Uncle Noah, then my dad Morrow Davidson.

My dad could play many instruments.. dont know if Uncle Noah ever could play but im sure Curtis would know.. and Uncle Roe.. I remember him telling me how he learned to play the banjo… he said he sat one night praying and asking GOD to help him learn the Banjo and if GOD would allow him to play he would never play nothing but Gospel music on it. that very night he picked it up. started playing it and always did play it in church……

The other two pics .. are one of my dad on the left with Uncle Roe. Morrow with the Indian Chief…. Dad is just as dark as the Indian. he could sit in the shade and tan…Morrow Davidson, he\'s darker than the Indian!

1880 Kentucky Census


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1880 Census, Leslie Co, KY—- District 1—– Census taken June 14, 1880

Household of John Davidson my ggg-grandfather

John Davidson, age 34 yrs, Farmer. Born KY, parents born VA.
Susan Davidson, wife. age 41 yrs, keeping house. Born KY. father born VA. Mother b. KY
Sallie A. daughter, 11 yrs, born KY
Franklin, son. age 11 yrs, born KY.
Larcinda (or Lurcinda) daughter age 5yrs, born KY
Robert, son, 3 yrs, born KY.
Samual, son, 1 yrs, born KY.
Abject Sizemore, Stepson, 20yrs born KY. Parents born KY. ((not sure of spelling of his given name, could not read))
Margaret Sizemore, daughter in law, 22 yrs, born KY. ( this is the wife of Abject)
Taylor Sizemore, stepson, 18 yrs. born KY. Parents born KY.
Mahala Sizemore, stepdaughter, 12 yrs. born KY. Parents born KY.

It appears ggg-grandmother Susan was married to a Sizemore, before she married my ggg-grandfather John Davidson.

Living next door to John & Susan Davidson, was William Sizemore, and his wife Sandy.

John C. Davidson, married Susan Sizemore, 20 Feb 1868, Clay Co, KY.

Susans 2nd marriage. Perhaps her first husband was killed in the Civil War Just a guess.

The Draft Registration gave the info on the blue eyes and black hair, for Franklin, and said he marked his name with an X,
Russel Sisemore ( Sizemore) married Susan Couch, Dec 3, 1857 in Clay Co, KY.

This is Susans first husband.

Eli Couch, married Mary E. Napier, Jan 31, 1895, Clay Co, KY
Susan Couch, who married 1st Russell Sizemore, she married 1st Russell Sizemore and he died 3 March 1863.

Susan then married John A. Davidson

Eli Couch, married Mary E. Napier, Jan 03, 1895, Clay Co, KY
1920 Census, Leslie Co, KY…. Big Creek…. District 153
Census taken 4th & 5th Jan 1920

Household # ..7

John Davidson, age 78 yrs. Farmer. Owns farm. Can read & write. Born KY…Both parents born VA. ( born ca 1842)
Susan. ( wife) 83 yes, Can read, cannot write. Born KY… Both parents born KY.
(born ca 1833)

Household #..8

Frank Davidson, age 48 yrs.. Farmer, Owns farm… Can read & write… Born KY… Both parents born KY.
Emerian, ( wife) age 42 yrs…. Can read & write.. Born KY… Both parents born KY.
Laura, daughter, 23 yrs..Single… Can read & write.. Born KY.. Both parents born KY.
Susie, daughter, age 14 yrs.. Single.. Can read & write.. Born KY.. Both parents born KY.
Armilda, daughter, age 13 yrs.. Single.. Can read & write.. Born KY.. Parents born KY.
Johnny, son, age 10 yrs..Single.. Can read & write..Born KY..Parents born KY.
Noah, son, age 7 yrs.. Single.. Born KY..Parents born KY.
Roe, son, age 3 1/2.. Single… Born KY….Parents born KY.
Morrow, son, age 1/12…Single.. Born KY…Parents born KY.

Household #..9

Rev, Jas (Jase??) Napier, 67 yrs. Farmer, Owns farm.. Can read & write..Born KY.. Both parents born KY. (born ca 1853)
Lizzie (wife) 57 yrs, Cannot read or write…. Born KY… Father born France.. Mother born KY.
(( Born ca 1863))

Note: this sheet of census records is all Couch, Sizemore, etc.

Note: Possible, this Rev Jas Napier, is the father of Emeriar Napier Davidson, but his wife Lizzie, would be to young to be Emeriar mother’s

John & Susan Davidson were still living, on Jan 4th & 5th, 1920. As they were living next door to Frank and Emma Davidson.
Civil War Records

Enlistment: 15 December 1862, Union.. State Served: KY
Side Served: Union. Unit Number 748 748
Service Records. Enlisted as a Private on 15 December 1862. Enlisted in Company L , 14th Cavalry Regiment Kentucky on 13 February 1863.
Died Company L , 14th Cavalry Regiment Kentucky on 03 March 1863 in Irvine, KY.

This was my ggg-grandmother Susan Couch 1st husband.

I have not found where she file for a pension. But she was already married by the time people were filing for pensions, but you would think the children would or could have filed.

1880 Census, Leslie Co, KY. District 61. Census was taken 21 June 1880.

Household of Ezekier Napier.

Ezekier Napier, 40 yrs old, born KY. Parents born KY. Cannot read or write, Farmer
Martha (wife) 35 yrs old, born KY. Parents born KY. Cannot read or write. Keeping house.
Jackson, son, 16 yrs, born KY. Parents born KY. Cannot read or write. Working on farm.
Pollie, daughter, 12 yrs, born KY. Parents born KY.
Ballard, son, 9 yrs, born KY. Parents born KY.
Felix, son, 6 yrs old, born KY. Parents born KY.
Emmerian, daughter, 4 yrs old, born KY. Parents born KY.( note was spelled with 2 M)
Sallie A. daughter, 5/12 age. Born KY. Parent born KY.

Next door is a:
Henry Napier, age 18 yrs, married, farming. Born KY. parents born KY.
Marian, (wife) 18 yrs, born KY.

I’m sure this is the son of Ezekier & Martha. And would be an older brother to Emerian.

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