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"My Family, A Journey Through Time"

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October 22nd, 2015

What a gift!

What an experience this has been and all that hard work and emotions I have felt walking through each Ancestors lives discovering them for the first time. What a gift my Patriot Benjamin Wager has given me and all my descendants! WAGER, BENJAMIN Ancestor #: A119963 Service: VIRGINIA    Rank: PRIVATE Birth: 3-15-1742 Death: 6-8-1844     MORGAN CO KENTUCKY Pension Number: …Continue reading →


How I became a DAR Member!

At the moment I am so humbled, I am not sure what to say…. I had discovered I had 14 Patriots in my family. I knew joining DAR, Daughters of The American Revolution would be a good thing! I had already worked for many many years and countless hours, to many to mention too validate my family tree! I had …Continue reading →


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