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Agnes “Aggie” Sheperd Sizemore 5th g-grandmother

Aggie was a Full blooded Cherokee Indian or so they say….. This is a story from an Unknown Author but I thought it worth for discussion!

“When Kentucky was first being settled, emigrants from either
North Carolina or Tennessee, headed by a man named Cornett,
reached the Kentucky River late one evening. They decided to
make camp and wait until daylight before crossing the river.
They had wives, children, livestock and equipment with them.
After supper they were sitting around their campfire talking,
when Indians dashed into camp and captured two of the little
girls. Three of the white men saddled horses and went after the
Indians. Late in the night they caught up with the Indians, who
were not expecting pursuit and had made camp. The men advanced
near enough to see the girls asleep on pallets near the fire.
Each man agreed to dash in and grab one of the girls. This they
did and got away without a fight. When they came to their own
camp the men discovered that they had also captured a little
Indian girl. The next morning after crossing the river, the
emigrants decided to keep the Indian girl. Mr. Cornett agreed
to take her and raise her.

more details coming soon….


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