Biscuit in my gravy….


Posted by Carolyn | Posted in My Life | Posted on 28-05-2008


That is so messed up! Yet, I love buscuit in my gravy! Let me tell you why. When I was around 16, my mom dicided it was time I learned to make gravy.

She said she had to hang cloths on the clothsline. So she directed me to start the process. She yelled from outside to put lard in the cast iron skillet. Heat just before it smokes hot and add flour. I did. Stirred. Got worried. Mom! It’s turning brown. Then add the milk and water I mixed up!!! she yelled. I did and stirred and stirred and stirred. My God! Mom, I replied. I just made gravy…

So, I dropped a biscuit in my gravy!!!

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