Old Cemetaries


Posted by Carolyn | Posted in My Life | Posted on 01-06-2008


Okay, let’s go way back… I think the reason I like old cemetaries is because when I was very young, we visited our family cemetary. Many old graves. I revisted them from time to time as I grew up. It’s always intrigued me. Who were they, afterall, they were real people living real lives at one time or another.

Once my brother and I who were both under 10 ran throug our family cemetary. My right foot feel througth the dirt! It was such a shock to me. I had intruded upon someones resting place. Yet, I was curious. Exactly who were they, what were there lives about? Did they love, laugh, cry? It tought me to respect the dead, then, telsl there story…

Part two coming soon…

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