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John Rockhouse Sizemore

New stone for John Rockhouse Sizemores
Reference Number: 25685
Name: John Rockhouse Sizemore
Sex: M
Change Date: 28 JUL 2003
Birth: 1776 in Wilkes Co., NC
“perhaps half Cherokee,” according to the earliest document on
Sizemore Indian blood; author-historian Archie Caldwell of TN
suggested the half-Cherokee came from George Sizemore’s wife
Aggie Shepherd, whose family got their blood from the Nanye’hi
Death: 1849 in Clay Co., KY

Father: George “All” Sizemore b: 1751 in Ireland
Mother: Agnes “Aggy” Shepherd b: 1754 in Cherokee Nation

Marriage 1 Nancy Bolling b: ABT 1790
Original Headsone John Rockhouse Sizemore


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