Sizemore v Davidson Trial 1919 Page 166!




Kentucky Schools….

Researching your Native American heritage,this is a great site for tribal info!

For those interested, here’s a really educational link about DNA!

A few of the Clay soldiers who served during the Civil War:

1807 Clay County Tax List

James Lick  Program to find out what your latest Haplogroup is!

Sizemore DNA Project!

Collins in Clay Clounty, Ky

Blevins Sizemore Connection!

Kentucky’s guide to the Blue grass State.

For an easier faster loading page, go here!

Collins Surname DNA Results!’s list for FREE stuff to help in your research! a comprehensive Admixture Report! X Chromosomes, etc. Very informative site! Vital Statistic Records! Matching Kentucky Maps of when each County was formed and when it split in to a different county!

South from Hell-fer-Sartin: Kentucky Mountain Folk Tales Paperback – July 20, 1988 by <a>Leonard W. Roberts</a>

Up Cutshin and Down Greasy: Folkways of a Kentucky Mountain Family Paperback – March 22, 1988by <a>Leonard W. Roberts</a>

Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky! Sold at Amazon…

The Kentucky Explorer! Great resource for information!

Here’s a great Cheat Sheet for DNA Dummies! LoL’s Very useful!

Great list of Leslie County, Ky Cemetery Records!

Sizemore Births Leslie County, Ky

Kentucky in the news! 1870’s to 2008!

Need to do some research from Newspapers?

Need to know when each State got it’s State hood? It’s just as important as when Counties were split up!

Awesome book has Vardeman Collins and others in it!

More Kentucky Marriage plus other great info!

Clay County Kentucky Marriages (old records) Part 1.

Don’t have a Fold3 account? Get your FREE military records at

World Families is a great website to join! Once you register, select the surname group!

Genome Mate is a desktop tool used to organize in one place the data collected while researching DNA comparisons. Besides data storage it has many features to aid in identifying common ancestors.

Great site with information on Samuel Howard and Chloe Osborne!

Colonial Virgina Library Info!

Take a Manchester Kentucky Tour!

State of Kentucky Delayed Death Records by Counties!

Hubbard Genealogy!

Great source for researching families that lived in Kentucky!

Pioneer ghosts of Kentucky, rest in peace John Jay Dickey : a comprehensive name index of the Dickey diary

Genetics Overview! I found this article while browsing Nat Geo’s website through a link that Diana Wells posted earlier in her X site!

Great link for maps in researching your family tree!

Misc. but useful information!

Clay County Kentucky Census from 1810 to 1930

Genome Mate: ICW, Triangulation and Overlapping Segments!

Access Genealogy on Native American, etc. !

DNA explianed with Native American!

Amos Collins and his clan (our group website)

Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters

Here’s a great source for information in the State of Kentucky! death records for Kentucky!

Kentucky Historical Society!

Great site when you are wondering if Gedmatch or Ancstry is down!

Small portion of the Dickey Diary!

Clay County Books