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Boda Collins Holland and family

Information provided by Wesley Collins. Boda Collins Holland – June 16, 1927 to December 22, 2006 John Henry Holland – December 14, 1927 Curtis Holland – September 11, 1947 Dorothy Sizemore Holland – August 8, 1945 Jerry Holland – October 29, 1949 Patsy Marcum Holland – December 11, 1953 Bobby Gene Holland – May 14, 1951 Lillie Mae Sizemore Holland …Continue reading →


John Henry Davidson and Alice Collins

This is my parents when they were very young!



Sizemore v Davidson Trial 1919 Page 166! =bl&ots=JWUWt1pgCU&sig=3RN-vK8qDM_MUUslDruovu_XV8&hl=en&sa=X&ei=2HUTU8WPGcSFkQfknYCwCg&ved =0CDIQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=sizemore%20vs%20davidson%201919%20ky&f=true ——————————————————————————————— Kentucky Schools…. Researching your Native American heritage,this is a great site for tribal info! For those interested, here’s a really educational link about DNA! A few of the Clay soldiers who served during the Civil War: 1807 Clay County Tax List James Lick  Program to find out what …Continue reading →


Our Group on Facebook

I started a group on Facebook called Amos Collins Family Tree! If you are on Facebook and you believe you are related to Amos Collins, please stop in and join in on the conversations! UPDATE: We ave made the tree private but if you would like to join, just request to be my friend and let me know why! I …Continue reading →


A Walk with my Ancestors! New Book

I am now fact checking the old book and finding many area’s that need updating as well as new information to add. So, stop in at our Facebook Group if you have not joined already, and share in the excitement as we all start getting our DNA results back, share new information we have just discovered, or photos and stories …Continue reading →



Special Message: My new book titled “My Family, A Journey Through Time!”  is now available on Amazon! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I was born in 1955 in Hyden, Kentucky! We lived in a small home in Thousandsticks, just a few miles from Hyden. We farmed the land and had family all around us,  most of which lived …Continue reading →


Interview with Betty Lester, March 3, 1978

Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History University of Kentucky FRIED: It’s March 3rd, 1978 at the home of Miss Betty Lester in Hyden, Kentucky. The following is an interview with Miss Lester by a group of couriers, who are volunteers for the Frontier Nursing Service. Miss Lester came to FNS from Britain in …Continue reading →


Looking for Photos, Newspaper Clippings, Documents

I am looking for any photos, newspaper clippings and documents pertaining to the Collins and Davidson families of Eastern Kentucky. Some names of interest are Henry Davidson, John Collins, John Davidson, John Gilbert Collins, Benjamin Davidson, Eli Collins, or anyone related to these people. Please contact me if you have information to contribute to my book, “Living Memories”. Deadline for …Continue reading →


1878 Leslie County, Ky birth records

May Woolum, Laura Elvira Woolum March Giley, Clem Marion Bailey & Rosey Smith [fathers last name is different] May Howard, China Willima Howard & Martha Napier March Howard, Joseph Israel Howard & Sally Morgan October Lewis, Jasper John Lewis & Lency Smith March Woods, Carl  [Clay] Wade Woods & Nancy Couch October Muncy, Lucindy Anderson Muncy & Rosanna Browning Jan …Continue reading →


Land Grants

Leslie County Land Grants Grantee Acres Survey Date Bk Watercourse Adam,Solomon 100 4/ 1/1885 108 Cutakin Creek Adams,Solomon 10 4/24/1891 118 Cutshin Adams,Solomon 10 4/24/1891 118 Rorne Fork Cutshin Asher,Annie 200 9/11/1890 115 Hals Fork Asher,Elizabeth 50 9/24/1884 107 None Asher,Emily 40 7/28/1916 124 Wootens Creek Asher,Emily 50 1/ 7/1907 122 Browns Creek& Jacks Cr Asher,G M 100 12/11/1888 111 …Continue reading →


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