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"My Family, A Journey Through Time"

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Old Photos

Historical Notes with Photos

Historical Photo and Notes: Morrow, Roe, Noeh and Henry Davidson: John, Susan and Sam Davidson: It is our Great Grandpa John and his wife Susan… with them is our Great Uncle Sam which is John’s brother. I have John and Susan Davidson is the parents of our Grandpa Frank Davidson… Grandpa Frank had Sam and Bob as brothers and a …Continue reading →


Thousandsticks! moving the rocks to clear the creek!

Uncle Morrow clearing the rocks from the creek to make passage easier. It’s how we got to our cabins in the hills!


Historical Photos


My grandchildren. Photo provided by Robert!


John Rockhouse Sizemore

Reference Number: 25685 Name: John Rockhouse Sizemore Sex: M Change Date: 28 JUL 2003 Birth: 1776 in Wilkes Co., NC Note: “perhaps half Cherokee,” according to the earliest document on Sizemore Indian blood; author-historian Archie Caldwell of TN suggested the half-Cherokee came from George Sizemore’s wife Aggie Shepherd, whose family got their blood from the Nanye’hi line Death: 1849 in …Continue reading →


My grandchildren by Carolyn V.

My grandchildren by my daughter Carolyn Victoria Hays


My firstborn Robert Edwin Lile born 2/11/71


Introducing my family 1965

John Henry Davidson father, Martha Collins grandmother, Carolyn Davidson, Donnie Ray Davidson, Aaron Henry Davidson, Willa Faye Davidson, Marietta Davidson, Barbara Ann Davidson, Betty Sue Davidson is not in this photo and my mother Alice Ora Davidson.


My Parents

John Henry Davidson Parents: Henry Davidson & Essie Napier Baker Birth: 20 June 1933 Death: 17 September 1973 Charlestown, Clark, In, USA Alice Collins Parents: Eli Collins & Martha Parker Birth: 25 Feb 1934 Leslie, Kentucky Death:


Introducing my sons

Introducting Justin on the left, Chris in the middle and Robert on the right! Lot’s of stories about them coming soon…


Top 50 Surnames

Napier (219)
Collins (199)
Davidson (138)
Parker (103)
Couch (95)
Blevins (82)
Jones (67)
Morgan (62)
Howard (51)
Fugate (44)
Smith (39)
Gilbert (39)
Wages (36)
Osborne (34)
Sargent (31)
Holland (30)
Walling (29)
Oliver (27)
Stamper (27)
Baker (26)
Kennedy (26)
Hubbard (25)
Wagers (24)
Turner (23)
Hoskins (22)
West (22)
Bolling (22)
Jackson (20)
Bowling (19)
Hodge (18)
Sergent (15)
Hughes (15)
Feltner (14)
Reed (14)
Perrin (14)
Begley (14)
Hudnall (13)
Wombles (13)
Ford (12)
Lewis (11)
Staples (11)
North (10)

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