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A post that is long overdue!

Since so many have requested version 2 of the book, I have started working on that. I had no idea how much information I was going to receive from all of you, and what a wonderful surprise. The first copy took almost 5 years to write because it involved so much research. Now, much of you have contributed tons of …Continue reading →


Living Memories Book, rough draft is ready for review Second Edition is now being written, check back for a copy of the rough draft of that book as well! Final copy will be publish in hardback form! Information on how to purchase your copy will be on this page when it is ready…


Interview with Betty Lester, March 3, 1978

Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History University of Kentucky FRIED: It’s March 3rd, 1978 at the home of Miss Betty Lester in Hyden, Kentucky. The following is an interview with Miss Lester by a group of couriers, who are volunteers for the Frontier Nursing Service. Miss Lester came to FNS from Britain in …Continue reading →


Interview with Georgia Ledford, August 17, 1978

Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History University of Kentucky Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project A/F006: 78OH151FNS11 University of Kentucky Ledford, Georgia; Interviewee — Dale Deaton; Interviewer — Anne Campbell; Interviewee — Carol Crowe-Carraco; Interviewer Members of Georgia Ledford’s family have served on the Clay County Committee of the FNS and have worked …Continue reading →


Interview with Jailey Sizemore, July 26th, 1978

Sizemore, Jailey; Interviewee — Dale Deaton; Interviewer — Anne Campbell; Interviewee — Carol Crowe-Carraco; Interviewer Jailey Sizemore describes Hyden before World War I and talks about Court Day. Other activities she recalls include corn hoeings and dances, and she answers queries about quilting and making moonshine. Sizemore gives details of plowing and planting with a mule team, describes various processes …Continue reading →


Looking for Photos, Newspaper Clippings, Documents

I am looking for any photos, newspaper clippings and documents pertaining to the Collins and Davidson families of Eastern Kentucky. Some names of interest are Henry Davidson, John Collins, John Davidson, John Gilbert Collins, Benjamin Davidson, Eli Collins, or anyone related to these people. Please contact me if you have information to contribute to my book, “Living Memories”. Deadline for …Continue reading →


News: Hyden Grade School Burns

Hyden Grade School Burns Thousandsticks News Thursday, March 1, 1934 The Grade School building here in Hyden was burned to the ground Tuesday evening, just after school was dismissed. It is not known as to how the building caught fire, the first that was known the flames and smoke were shooting out of the top of the building. The damages …Continue reading →

Mary Breckinridge Hospital where I was born

To tell the history of this facility we must start where it began. In June of 1928 the original Hyden Hospital was dedicated. The months prior were filled with adventure and exasperation as builders from far away came to do their part in the construction of the Hospital. The Hospital sits high atop the Thousandsticks Mountain overlooking the quaint little …Continue reading →


Hyden Ky

Hyden is a city in Leslie County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 204 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Leslie County. It is located at the junction of US 421 and Kentucky Route 80, along the Middle Fork of the Kentucky River. The area was first settled around 1817 by the John Sizemore family of …Continue reading →


1878 Leslie County, Ky birth records

May Woolum, Laura Elvira Woolum March Giley, Clem Marion Bailey & Rosey Smith [fathers last name is different] May Howard, China Willima Howard & Martha Napier March Howard, Joseph Israel Howard & Sally Morgan October Lewis, Jasper John Lewis & Lency Smith March Woods, CarlĀ  [Clay] Wade Woods & Nancy Couch October Muncy, Lucindy Anderson Muncy & Rosanna Browning Jan …Continue reading →


Top 50 Surnames

Napier (219)
Collins (199)
Davidson (138)
Parker (103)
Couch (95)
Blevins (82)
Jones (67)
Morgan (62)
Howard (51)
Fugate (44)
Smith (39)
Gilbert (39)
Wages (36)
Osborne (34)
Sargent (31)
Holland (30)
Walling (29)
Oliver (27)
Stamper (27)
Baker (26)
Kennedy (26)
Hubbard (25)
Wagers (24)
Turner (23)
Hoskins (22)
West (22)
Bolling (22)
Jackson (20)
Bowling (19)
Hodge (18)
Sergent (15)
Hughes (15)
Feltner (14)
Reed (14)
Perrin (14)
Begley (14)
Hudnall (13)
Wombles (13)
Ford (12)
Lewis (11)
Staples (11)
North (10)

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