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Some old research documents and photos!

To see some of my old research documents and photos, just click here! I will be adding a new page soon for all the new information collected.


A post that is long overdue!

Since so many have requested version 2 of the book, I have started working on that. I had no idea how much information I was going to receive from all of you, and what a wonderful surprise. The first copy took almost 5 years to write because it involved so much research. Now, much of you have contributed tons of …Continue reading →


Writers Block

One thing I have discovered is the cure to writers block! Go camping in an RV and have wireless connection.  Without all the distractions of everyday life,  your mind can get flooded with memories of your childhood. Since my book is about my childhood and past memories of relatives long since gone, this is great! My deadline is the end …Continue reading →


Mary Breckinridge Hospital where I was born

To tell the history of this facility we must start where it began. In June of 1928 the original Hyden Hospital was dedicated. The months prior were filled with adventure and exasperation as builders from far away came to do their part in the construction of the Hospital. The Hospital sits high atop the Thousandsticks Mountain overlooking the quaint little …Continue reading →


Misc. Marriage Records, Leslie County, Ky

All Information taken from Records Books found in Hyden, Leslie County, KY during July 2002 by Lennie and Diane Roark. Please note there are many other marriages other than the ones listed. Marriage Book 1: 10/1878 – 1/1885 Brock/Mosley:  Elijah Brock, Principal, born Clay Co., KY, Amon Brock, Surity, (Father), born Harlan Co., KY, Mother: Born Clay Co., KY. Elijah: …Continue reading →


Leslie County Court Records, Martha/Nancy Osborne

MARRIAGE LICENSE The Commonwealth of Kentucky To any minister of the Gospel or other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony you are hereby permitted to solemnize the rites of matrimony between EZEKIAL NAPIER and NANCY OSBORNE the requirements of law having been complied with. Witness my signature as Clerk of the Clay County Court this 20th day of July 1860 …Continue reading →


My New Front Seat

I once purchased a used car that did not have a front seat in it. I later found out why. Anyway, I only needed it to drive around the neighborhood to visit family and friends so I put a lawn chair behind the drivers seat and got many a great laugh from all who saw me drive that ole car! …Continue reading →


In a cabin on a hill

I remember walking up a path to a secluded area in Hyden, Ky around 1962, maybe? We reached a cabin that was old and falling apart, abandoned. The area around the cabin was flat with no grass but weeds, etc. We walked inside the cabin and the fireplace was falling through from years of neglect. I saw two cups on …Continue reading →


Making new friends

This past weekend, I made new friends! It wasn’t just social, it was cosmic! We connected in ways only we and them could understand. Friendship that will last a lifetime. Carolyn… Naturally!


Following a dream

I dropped out of high school, got married and had my children. I had always wanted to graduate and go to college but chose a family instead. Years later, my dream came true. I studied hard and realized you never get to old to follow your dreams. I graduated in 1999 with honors and earned an MBA!


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