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My First Fireworks!

Well… not quite! It was a box of 12 gauge shotgun shells thrown into a 55 gallon drum full on burning stuff! Wow! I still remember how the fragments shot holes through just about everything around us while I dove under my dads car. Thank you big brother for the fireworks! But, that really was a dangerous stunt you did. …Continue reading →


First experience with a cross!

I was about 5 or so and was told that Jesus died on a cross. One day, I drifted out to the old barn area because I was mad at my dad, oldest brother and sister who got to go out around the farm and I was not. I followed them. What I saw Jesus on the cross and I …Continue reading →


First time I ate coleslaw!

I was a very picky eater when I was small. A friend Virginia Young said try my coleslaw. I hated coleslaw! She said, “I promise you’ll be forever converted and love coleslaw”! Reluctantly, I ate it. I am forever converted to coleslaw with raisins… woo hoo!


First run through a grave yard!

When I was about 5 or 6 my brother and I were at a family reunion in Hyden, Ky. It was always held in a cemetary. We had way to much energy to burn so we chased each other. I learned to never cross anyones grave! Just as I stepped in the middle of the grave, my foot sunk into …Continue reading →


My First Rainstorm

I remember my mom had three of her eight kids with her. My dad had the others in his car and we were following each other late in the evening and it was very dark outside. Being so small, I coudn’t see out he window I was sittign next too. The rain was so bad my Mom could barely see …Continue reading →


First Color TV

I got my first color tv when I was about 19 and was amazed. Although I like the black and white better, I couldn’t imagine anything better than that!


First UFO story

It was around 1973 +/- a year or two. I was watching The Dick Cavitt Show and two men claimed they were abducted by aliens and examined. That sure got my imagination going… I’ve loved science fiction ever since!


First dance!

I was about 1 and remember my aunts and uncles square dancing while I tried desperatly to get to my baby bottle, but couldn’t. I cried and cried and cried and no one could hear be because the music was way to loud. At some point the dancers got way to close and kicked dirt in my face. By then, …Continue reading →


First Pizza!

The first time I ate pizza…hmmm Dennis Young an old family friend invited me over for dinner. He could not taste foot and ask me to tell him what pizza taste like. I was reluctant as I was a country girl and had never tasted pizza before. It was kinda cold but I tried one bite. It was horrible!!! He …Continue reading →


Thousandsticks! moving the rocks to clear the creek!

Uncle Morrow clearing the rocks from the creek to make passage easier. It’s how we got to our cabins in the hills!


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