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Surname List:

Anderson, Asher, Baker, Barger, Bowling, Brumfeld, Couch, Eversole, Fields, Fugate, Gilbert, Holland, Howard, Jones, James. Lewis, Mays, Morgan, Napier, Parker, Pearson, Radar, Rice, Roberts, Scalf, Shepherd, Shewmaker, Sizemore, Smallwood, Smith, Wages, Wagers, Wombles, Woods, Davidson,Collins and a few others not listed!

Much of my family is from or have lived in Viriginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, N.C. and S.C. My book will attempt to tell their story. This book will address supporting documents found while walking the steps of my many ancestors.

Last update: December 29, 2010

Udate: Publication deadline: April, 2011

Sources Used but not limited to:








Please note: All underlined text is a link to that data! Some documents were obtained from Footnote.com, Ancestry.com and Microfilm in various counties of Kentucky and donated by various researchers. Their names are by the documents they contriubed! If you would like to contribute to my research, please contact me at carolynhicks@tampabay.rr.com


John Henry Davidson, 4th Great-grandson to Amos Collins through John Gilbert Collins, John Collins (aka John Davidson), Frank Davidson, Henry Davidson to John Henry Davidson my father who was very dark skinned. He had 8 children and each of us had different looks. Blue eyes, Brown eyes, dark skin, light skin, black hair, blonde, red, etc. It sure makes life interesting being of mixed bloodline. My mother Alice Collins was the 3rd great-granddaughter of Amos Collins through John Gilbert Collins, Solomon Collins to Eli Collins which was her father. John Collins Davidson and Solomon Collins were both grandsons to Amos.


Descendants Reports

Susan Couch Sizemore Davidson -

Sizemore Faimly

Vardy Collins Vardeman Collins matches Amos Collins DNA but there are no indication that Amos is his son or nephew.

Amos Collins Family

Vickie Davidson Rogers, notes on our family

John Collins Family

John Davidson Family

Bowling Family

Napier Family


Misc News Articles about my family or events that affected us.

1957 Hazard Ky. Flood.

Luther and James Sizemore Shooting. Not directly related to me but I thought the article was interesting.

Eli Collins WWI article and those enlisted with him. Article can be found in the The Sentinel-Echo, Diamond Jubilee Edition, pg2 1954 Click here to see the full page.


Cherokee and Dawes Applications by family members.




more to come!


Census Records and Family Timeline: Most of the Collins, Sizemore, Napier, Begley, Davidson, Couch, etc. lived next door to each other.. These are all Kentucky Census Records of family located in Clay, Leslie and surrounding area's.

1800 Records destroyed when Washington was burned by the British in the War of 1812.

1810 Kentucky, Clay Census Pg1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg4, Pg5, Pg 6, Pg 7, Pg 8, Pg 9, Pg 10, Pg 11 and Pg 12 These are the entire 1810 Kentucky, Clay Census with various family members listed by head of household etc.

1820 Still searching but I don't believe there are any for Clay County, Ky or the surrounding area's. The court house may have burned that year, I'll check on that.

1830 Amos Collins, Davidson, Roberts, Baker, Felix & John Gilbert, Bowling and Dillion Asher, etc.

1840 Amos, Freelin, Gilbert, Calvin Collins, Couch, Sizemore, Hoskins, Roberts, etc.

1850 Amos, John Gilbert Collins, John M Collins who was John Gilberts Collins son, this is the one that later lists a John M Davidson but no relationship to Franklin Davidson as far as the middle initial M. Others on page are Hoskins, etc.

1860 Amos Collins, Sizemore, Roberts, etc. 1860 John Collins, he is listed with a wife named Esther who was 30 years old. He is head of household in Clay County. John Davidson is not listed on any census for 1860 which does not necessarily prove they are the same person. Still researching...

1870 John and Susan Davidson, Also listed are Sizemore, Bolin, Howards, and Couch and others that lived in the area at the time, pg 1, pg 2, pg 3, pg 4, pg 5, pg 6, pg 7, pg 8, pg 9, pg 10 and pg 11.

1880 John Davidson and Susan Couch Sizemore, with other Sizemore, Collett, Mosley, Wilder, etc. John Davidson does not show up in any other census records after this one nor does his wife Susan except for 1920. See below.

1890 No census records found for the state of Kentucky. Still searching for historical data that will tell us what happened to the census records at that time.

1900 Solomon and Mary Collins, Couch, Eversole, Bowling, etc. 1900 John Baker, Sizemore, Oliver, Huff, Begley, etc.

1910 John Baker, Begley and others. 1910 Eli Collins, Sizemore, Napier and Couch with others. 1910 Solomon Collins, and Parker, Wombles.

1920 Sizemore, Couch, John Davidson and Susan. Henry and Essie Davidson, Napier and others.

1930 page 1 and page 2. Collins, Hollins, Couch, Bowling and others. The 1930 census record is almost 100 years after Amos Collins settled in Clay County, Ky. 1930 Solomon and Mary Collins census.

There were no other Kentucky census after 1930. The above list is not complete but is a work in progress - there will be other pages added to each census.


Timeline of supporting documents as to whom John Collins and John Davidson were. They were either the same person or lived their lives with many connections that make them appear to be the same person.

Please note: A story handed down through generations of our family state that John Collins was angry at his father John Gilbert Collins and left home at a very young age. He refued to be a Collins and changed his last name to Davidson after living with a Davidson family for a few years. That he never recognized his Collins relatives as being his. It was also said that he moved his mother in with him once his father died. There are no census records to show this happened. So, you be the judge...

John Collins Timeline - Listed above in the 1850 census lists John Collins as a minor child, 7 years old, with his father John Gilbert Collins. 1860 census, may or may not be our John Collins who was listed with a wife named Esther but given the years difference in age, I do not feel at this time, the children were his. If this is our John Collins/Davidson, it would have been 8 years before he would have married Susan Couch Sizemore and he would have already left home as an adult. John Collins would have been 17 or 18 years old, not 20. However, I felt it was important to show this particular census records for those who wish to pursue it.

John Collins Civil War: There are NO Civil War Pensions filed under John Collins for the Union or Confederate Army.

John Davidson Timeline - Listed above in the 1870 census with Susan, 1880 census with Susan, Franklin, Sally, Lucinda, Samuel, Robert and several Sizemore children were Abija Sizemore, Taylor Sizemore, Margaret and Mahala Sizemore her children by Russell Sizemore. 1920 census with Susan, no children living at home.

John Davidson Civil War: There are NO Civil War Pensions filed under John Davidson for the Union or Confederate Army. But, Susan Couch Sizemore Davidson filed for a pension from her first husband Russell Sizemore who was killed while serving in the Union. She filed and drew a pension from Russell and then she married John Davidson and filed for Russells pension again after John Davidson died. It would make sense if John Collins and/or John Davidson never served in the Civil War. We do know that many of our relatives did server and it seems odd that John Collins and John Davidson did not. (See Civil War and Kentucky Cronology, below.)

Thoughts: If John Collins changed his name to John Davidson, it does not change who we are. We are still Davidsons. Afterall, it has been our last name for over 140 years!

Some history on the culture of the 1800's: It is a well documented fact that changing your last name was a way of life back then. Today, we discover this through DNA studies.

Case Files of Approved Pension Applications of Widows and Other Dependents of Civil War Veterans, ca. 1861 - ca. 1910 National Archives. Can be viewed at footnote.com!


Kentucky Death Records: William H Blevins father of Essie Blevins by Martha Napier. Born out of wedlock. Martha was my g-grandmother. Elijah Sizemore who was married to my Aunt Grace Davidson Sizemore Blackwell. The story of his death and the shooting/trial between him and Sheriff Henry Davidson in 1950 plus the trial will be in my book. Frank Davidson, son of John Collins Davidson and Susan Couch Sizemore. Mary Elizabeth Gilbert Collins, married to Solomon Collins. Nancy Collins daughter of Eli Collins and Martha Parker, Haywood Rex Collins son of Haywood Collins and Goldie Radar, James Collins son of Robert Collins. Elizabeth Barger Napier my gg-grandmother. John D Baker death certificate, he married Martha Napier after Essie, my grandmother was born. Rosa Davidson, daughter of Henry Davidson and Essie Blevins, Rosa died before her 2nd birthday.


Kentucky Births Records: for 1852, listed is Solomon Collins, grandson to Amos Collins and others born that year. Ky births 1931 to 1940 Ky births 1921 to 1930 Ky births 1911 to 1920, Elizabeth Barger Napier birth record and others.


Marriage Records: Various family marriage records, transcribed.


Land Records : Amos Collins and others land grants when he first migrated to Clay County, Ky. Land purchased by (Davidson, John) and others.


DNA Testing: As of July 14, 2009 I have had an mtDNAPlus test ran and am working on getting the next level up (Full Genome Sequence) FGS to determine my female line to Amos Collins. I am also working on getting other male Collins from Kentucky who descended from Amos to take a test as well. UPDATE: Test was completed!

Amos Collins and others y-DNA

This is my certificate and my mutation markers to compare to other females married into the Collins line. Starting with Alice Collins Davidson, Martha Parker Collins, Manerva Jane Napier Parker, Action Hacker Napier, Chainey Roberts Hacker and Nancy Anderson Roberts. This is far back as I have been able to go in my female line.

Lawrence Collins ggg-grandson of Robert Collins who was the son of Amos Collins.

If you are a descendant of Amos Collins, you can now get a discount on all DNA testing, just visit: http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/collins


Wills: Provided by Lynn Garrison Buck. Apraissel of Haywood Gilberts estate page 1 and page 2. Enventory of Haywood Gilberts Estate page 1 and page 2. Bill of Sale of Haywood Gilberts estate on page 1 and page 2. They also attended the Estate Sale of a. Mr. Treadway, the list shows several family members who attended that sale.


WWI & WWII Records: Henry Davidson's draft card WWI. He was married to Essie Blevins. Abijah Collins WWI, Haywood Smallwood WWII won the Purple Heart, Pleasie Smallwood WWII. CPL William O Bradley Collins WWI, Haywood Collins WWI. John D Baker WWI draft card page 1 and page 2.. He was married to Martha Napier, her daughter Essie Blevins was born out of weblock before she got married to John Baker. Essie is my grandmother. John Bakers draft card, part 1 and part 2, he married my great grandmother Martha Napier who was Essie Blevins mother. Essie was born before Martha Napier married John Baker. They had a large family. Frank Davidson married Emeriah Napier, my g-grandfather.

War of 1812 Service Records: Amos Collins War of 1812 Company: 2 REGIMENT (DANNALDSON'S), MOUNTED, KENTUCKY VOLS. Rank - Induction: PRIVATE Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE Roll Box: 43 Roll Exct: 602. I believe this is the Amos Collins that migrated to Clay County, Ky. There is also an Amos Collins who received 3 Kentucky Land Grants after the war of 1812. There was only 1 Amos Collins from Kentucky listed in the War of 1812. This is a pic of the front cover of the book called "Kentucky Soldier of the war of 1812."

Benjamin Wages (4th g-grandfather) Revolutionary War Pension Application in it's entirety. 42 Pages! Click Here for my Spotlight page at Footnote.com!

Page 1, Page 2 Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10

Page 11, Page 12, Page 13, Page 14, Page 15, Page 16, Page 17,, Page 18, Page 19, Page 20

Page 21, Page 22, Page 23, Page 24, Page 25, Page 26, Page 27, Page 28, Page 29, Page 30

Page 31, Page 32, Page 33, Page 34, Page 35, Page 36, Page 37, Page 38, Page 39, Page 40

Page 41 and Page 42

Civil War and Kentucky Chronology! The following are my relatives who served in the Civil War. Ezekiel Napier, McCager Napier Sr, Russell Sizemore married Susan Couch, Carr Couch, John Couch married Lucretia Wagers, who was also married to Stephen Gilbert, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7 and page 8 of his Civil War Records. Documents can be found at Footnote.com and other records at Ancestry.com, Lynn Garrison Buck donated several of these records as well as various other sources have made contributions.. Russel Sizemore Civil War Russell's join date and his death record, Susan Couch's first husband.


Marriage/Divorce Records: John Collins Davidson and Susan Couch Sizemore marriage license. Susan was first married to Russell Sizemore who was killed in the Civil War in 1864. John was also in the Civil War but left during his term and changed his last name to Davidson on or before 1868.


Court Documents:

Trial of Henry Davidson and the Elijah Sizemore shooting. The entire case documents are uploaded at Tribal pages.com if you would like to view them. They are in the photo albums section!

1858 Amos Collins.

Davidson vs Wiser Oil Company, pg 1, pg 2, pg 3, pg 4. September 1, 1999. Final Judgement. There were over 250 pages to these documents. I purchased copies during in 1996 which involved the 10 years or more of this law suit. In them are survey documents of land and mineral rights. Descriptions of land markers, etc. Court dockets and all the lawyers involved as well as all the Plaintiffs and Defendants. Encroachment pg 1, pg 2, pg 3. There is also a list of those who were witnesses and the exhibit list. pg 1, pg 2, pg 3.


A Small Collection of my favorite photos:

1. 2nd great grandchildren of Amos Collins through John Gilbert Collins son Solomon . Bradley, Haywood, Eli and Martha Collins. Not all siblings were present in this photos. Photo donated by Vickie Davidson Rogers.

2. Bull Creek School in Thousandsticks, Ky in 1960's. Donated by Verena Sizemore Asher.

3. Bull Creek was our road to our homes. My Uncle Morrow and grandfather Henry Davidson clearing the rocks through the creek we traveled on in Thousandsticks, Ky. back in the 1940's and Bull Creek today!. Donated by Carolyn Davidson Hicks and Vickie Davidson Rogers. At one time, Bull Creek was our only way to get to our homes in the mountains. Later, Davidson Fork Rd was built and Daniel Boone Pkwy brough new life into a very small area and traffic to Hyden, Ky where I was born.

4. Old Hospital in Hyden, Ky. Nurse Verena, My Aunt Sally Ann Collins Sizemore with David, EJ and baby Verena. Photo donated by Verena Sizemore Asher.

5. Solomon Collins, grandson to Amos Collins with wife Mary Elizabeth Gilbert.

6. Martha Parker Collins breastfeeding her twins. She had 3 sets of twins with a total of 14 children.


Newspaper Articles: Davidson/Sizemore Shooting, transcribed. Lewis Jarvis article mentions Vardy Collins.


Pensions Transcribed: Napier, Sizemore, etc.


Documents contributed by Lynn Garrison Buck, grandaughter of Haywood Collins.

Christo Collins birth record. Christo Collins death record. Cordie Ruth Collins birth record. Cordie Ruth Collins death record. Solomon Collins burial plot receipt. Solomon Collins death record, has female written on it instead of male and his nickname Sollie instead of Solomon. Lynn is working to correct his error.

Gurtrude Collins birth record. Gertrude Collins death record. Some family announcements for Cordie Ruth Collins and Christo Collins. Cordie Ruth Collins headstone. Haywood Rex Collins headstone. Stephen Collins headstone. Gertrude Collins Garrsion with husband. Photo of Shirley Collins and Shelby Bowman. Gertrude, Granny, Naomi and kids.

Solomon Collins marriage record. John Gilbert Collins marriage record. Gertrude Collins marriage record. Haywood Collins marriage record. John Couch Cressy Wages Marriage Record. John Wages and Polly Mays Marriage Record, back page and page 3. Radar and Ambrose Marriage Record and Marriage slip. Jabell Smith and Rosanna (Rody) Jones Marriage Record. John Wagers and Rebecca Eversole Marriage Records, page 2

Haywood Collins WWI doc Haywood Collins WWI doc 2. More to come...


Cemetery Listings: Family Cemeteries in the hills. Collins, Davidson, etc. Directions to these cemeteries and lists of names buried there will be provided soon.



Headstone Photos: Work in progress!

John Gilbert Collins Solomon Collins Mary Elizabeth Gilbert Eli Collins Martha Parker Collins Stanley Collins John Henry Davidson Henry Davidson Essie Blevins Davidson Davis Cisroe Collins Stanely Collins Stephen Gilbert
Lucretia Wagers John Wages Polly Mays Haywood Gilbert Sylvania Sena Smith Thomas Smith Napier Susanna Elizabeth Champion Franklin Parker Manerva Jane Napier Steven Marion Parker Edward Napier Sarah Howard
Feltner Collins William O Bradley Collins George Sizemore Agnes Shepherd William H. Blevins Abige Collins Feltner Collins Nancy Smallwood Sally Ann Parker Abijah Collins Albert Collins Alonzo K. Smallwood Clarence Couch
Della Collins Eliza Collins Elmer Couch Ethel Smallwood Eugene Collins Sam Couch Farmer Collins Geraldine Couch Gladys Collins Arvil Couch Haywood Smallwood John Elizie Nancy Holland Jessie Fields
Levi Holland Logan and Bill Couch Mack Collins Martha Collins Mary and Dillard Couch Pleasie Smallwood Steven Ray Collins Stevie Collins Sudea Bowling Vanda Couch Virgil Wayne Couch William B Collins II
Willis Collins James Sizemore Haywood Collins Goldie Radar Christo Collins              

Carolyn Davidson Hicks mtDNA

mtDNA/Haplogroup - U* & U8, Kit # 153903 Batch 312 Mitosearch ID # 82W5U HVR1 209C, 342C and HVR2 73G, 263G, 282C, 309.1C, 315.1C


Amos Collins, John Gilbert Collins & those livin g next to them in Clay County, Ky

Please note: This is an ongoing research project for my Book. I would also ask that you do not download any documents without my permission. A contact me link is at the bottom of this page.





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