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Interview with Georgia Ledford, August 17, 1978

Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History University of Kentucky Frontier Nursing Service Oral History Project A/F006: 78OH151FNS11 University of Kentucky Ledford, Georgia; Interviewee — Dale Deaton; Interviewer — Anne Campbell; Interviewee — Carol Crowe-Carraco; Interviewer Members of Georgia Ledford’s family have served on the Clay County Committee of the FNS and have worked …Continue reading →


Historical Notes with Photos

Historical Photo and Notes: Morrow, Roe, Noeh and Henry Davidson: John, Susan and Sam Davidson: It is our Great Grandpa John and his wife Susan… with them is our Great Uncle Sam which is John’s brother. I have John and Susan Davidson is the parents of our Grandpa Frank Davidson… Grandpa Frank had Sam and Bob as brothers and a …Continue reading →


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