Lady Emma, And Her Extraordinary Life

Young Adult Romance, Historical Events. Expanded Edition, 2021!
Set in the early 1900s a young woman from Boston inherits her grandfather’s land and businesses in Virginia, she must now take over and compete in a man’s world.

Single and beautiful, groomed to be a lady and well educated, she will face many obstacles! Miss Emmaline Elizabeth Garrett, the granddaughter of Silas Garrett, takes care of her sick grandfather. A short term stay meant only to care for him, and then return to Boston, once he got well.

However, things take a turn for the worse, and Lady Emma must make many tough decisions. Follow her from the city to a small town, as she struggles to run her grandfather’s business and strives to gain respect. She earns the respect she deserved and will always and forever be known as Lady Emma! Relive the early years of the 20th Century through Lady Emma!