The Chronicles of Syra

The Chronicles of Syra Includes:

 Syra The Arrival. Book 1! Syra, Race Against Time will be released the end of January 2019 Book 2 Syra, The Awakening releases in February 2019 Book 3

2nd Edition

This is The Chronicles of Syra! It includes all three novels. Syra, The Arrival, Syra, Race Against Time and Syra, The Awakening! This is the tale of Syra who traveled from the planet Zhian to Earth to Earth II. An epic battle with an age-old enemy and a journey from a peaceful race to one of the most powerful in all known space. Syra is one to be reckoned with as she takes her people across time and space.

This is a Science Fiction Series to settle in too! Now, you can have all three Syra novels in one.