The Deaths of Abigail

A dark and evil thing from the past brought to life from a séance takes revenge beyond any level known to man when he murders the one who called upon him from his world. The killer is never satisfied, and his first victim, Abigail Rose Adams, is murdered time and time again. He calls her spirit back into the living, and another woman falls prey again as he relives his killing of her.

He is known as Dheaken, and he was nearly sent back at a failed séance a century after the killings started. But, after a hundred years, he manages to return. He possesses another man as he seeks to continue his murderous spree.
Dheaken controls each victim, and they strangely allow him to kill them without a struggle. Abigail is trapped inside another victim to relive her murder, and another innocent victim falls prey.

A paranormal detective, Rex McGuire, gets deeper into a dark world with each murdered victim. He searches for a connection between the victims and their killers. He draws upon his paranormal abilities to solve the case. But the spirit of Abigail must help him stop Dheaken if she is ever going to rest in peace.