Amos Collins, A Pioneer in Southeastern Kentucky

This is the life and times of Amos Collins, a pioneer of Southeastern, Kentucky. This book is packed with original documents, photographs and the descendants of Amos Collins. This book provides the descendant’s report, family photographs, and records as well as the sources used and so much more! The author has attempted to tell the story of Amos Collins based on factual records. But there are many mysteries that surround Amos with no real proof of who his parents were, and the same goes for his wife Mayvilla. The author has provided all of her research material so a descendant in the future may finish the story of Amos.

Timeline of the births and deaths of Amos Collins children, approximate:
Calvin Collins 1810–1880 born in Tn.
John Gilbert Collins 1812–1891 born in Tn.
James B. Collins 1814–1885 born in Tn.
Freling Collins 1816–1888
Jestin or Jestine Collins 1820– born in Tn.
Nancy Collins 1824, born Tn. Died after 1850
Aaron Collins 1825–1863 Clay County, Ky first child born in Clay County, Ky
Elizabeth Collins 1827–1923 Clay County, Ky
Robert Collins 1828–1919 Clay County, Ky
Benjamin Collins 1833–1870 Clay County, Ky
Margaret Collins 1835– Clay County, Ky last born child of Amos Collins and Mayville.