Syra, The Arrival. The Chronicles of Syra Book One

Syra traveled from an Earth-like planet named Zhian that had lost all its resources and had become uninhabitable from quakes and volcanic eruptions. With very little time, she needed to save her people and herself. She would be one of the last of the Zhians to escape her planet. But would hold the most precious cargo of all time in her ship.
Earth was her last best hope and for those that traveled with her! Syra was anxious to make contact with Earth’s inhabitants. But she knew it must not happen before the Zhians or the inhabitants of Earth were ready. She was anxious to share her Zhian technologies with Earth and make a permanent home for her and her people. But the existence of aliens from another world put fear in the hearts of many who did not understand, and those in political power fought against them.
To force the issue without incident, it would take nothing less than a landing on the White House lawn and an alien arrival they could not deny nor cover-up! This is the journey of Syra who captains the ship Zhian Sphere and her arrival on Earth!