The Civil War Through Photographs and Documents

This is not a history book, but a sneak-peek into the lives of a few soldiers through photographs and documents. Most information came from sworn oaths, statements and depositions of those who served, and their families who helped to tell their story so long ago. You will read through the original documents that have aged with time! You don’t have to be related to these soldiers to enjoy learning about them, and their families!

Pvt. Aaron Collins UNION Pvt. Robert Robin Collins UNION Pvt. Swintfield Collins/Roberts UNION Pvt Carr Couch UNION Pvt. Eli Couch UNION Pvt. John Squire Couch UNION Corp. Benjamin Daniel Davidson UNION Pvt. Woolery Eversole UNION Other Eversole’s UNION and CONFEDERATE Pvt. Ezekiel Napier UNION Pvt. Andrew Napier UNION Pvt James Napier UNION Pvt John H. Napier. UNION Pvt. Franklin Parker UNION Pvt. Pvt. Wallace Parker UNION Pvt. Russell Sizemore UNION Pvt. Wilkerson Sizemore UNION Pvt. Jesse Turner UNION Pvt John Ranson Blevins CONFEDERATE Pvt David Blevins CONFEDERATE Pvt. William Blevins. CONFEDERATE Pvt. Wright Bowling/Bolin UNION Pvt. Greenberry Wells UNION Pvt. Elijah Bolling UNION Pvt. James Estep UNION