Short Stories and Tall Tales

Short Stories and Tall Tales, a Fireside Collection Book 1

A collection of fireside stories of short stories and tall tales! Open these pages and read to others, or snuggle into a blanket by the fireside and pick a story that fits your mood!
Short stories and tall tales! This is of the fireside collection. A dozen awesome stories you are bound to find a story you really like! Some of the stories are great to tell around a campfire or at any get together! This book includes, Cabin Fever, A Star is Born, Promises Made, Promises Kept, Claire and The Journalist, The Time Traveler, Love Never Dies, This Rugged Land, We Call Home, Queen Dar’keina And Tharazxia, The Krukzilian Revolution, Hostage Situation, Proceed With Caution, The End Is Only The Beginning, My Dear and The Haunting of Chef Marco!