Eli, In Times Like These

2nd Edition
Eli, In Times Like These!
Professor Elijah Collins, p.h.D takes his college students for a short stay at his cabin in the mountains for some hands-on classwork for extra credit.
A storm of the century puts a damper on things, but the worst is yet to come.

Eli’s neighbor is a devoted prepper and Author Jeremiah Johnston, otherwise known as Frog, an X-Navy Seal. Together they join forces to save what’s left after an earthquake takes a toll on life and leaves millions without food or shelter. Follow Eli’s adventures as he strives to save as many as he can, and assure that life continues.
Will humanity get a second chance? Can the Second Chance Settlement survive against all odds to give mankind a chance to start over and set an example?

These words still rang in Eli’s thoughts of the last book his friend wrote! “The sirens sounded for the last time. All citizens stood, and not a word was spoken as each, and every single human being and beast alike, turned their eyes toward the heavens. Daylight or dark, from around the world, they waited. The skies darkened and then burst into a bloody red as if it were bleeding! Standing petrified in silence, they watched as all hope vanished across the lands. A vast world was now burning, and the searing heat consumed every living thing in seconds. The End.”