Detective Skye Dixon, The Trilogy

2nd Edition
Detective Skye Dixon, The Trilogy! This book contains the entire series of Mistaken Identity, Chiarello’s Speakeasy and The Romano Crime family. The story is set during the Prohibition Era with a lot of action and suspense.

Follow each case set in a small town just south of Chicago during it’s most crime peaked years. The detectives solve the crimes without today’s technologies and get their man!

Mistaken Identity: Jasmine was killed just outside of the speakeasy and there are a lot of suspects, see if you can nail the killer before the ending of the book.

Chiarello’s Speakeasy: With the cops surrounding the speakeasy, it just may end up more of a crime of passion but you’ll have to read the story to find out.

The Romano Crime Family: The Romano’s try to take over, but with all the twists and turns, will they succeed?

The Dixon Detective Agency series is sure to pique your curiosity and your detective instincts going with these great stories set in and during the prohibition era!