Syra, Race Against Time. The Chronicles of Syra Book Two

The Chronicles of Syra! Book two.
Syra continues to fight to save Earth, but will Earth’s inhabitants resist. From enemies to natural disasters, Syra races against time itself to save a planet, that just may prefer to fight its own battle. This is the continuing story of the chronicles of Syra from the planet Zhian to Earth and then on to Earth II.

This is book two of the series. Syra had left Earth to settle on a new planet called Earth II. Because she was an alien, her son who was half-alien and the President of the United States would be forced out from a corrupt man running for president. She finds herself in the middle of all of America’s political problems, past and present. She would ultimately have to send reinforcements to America to try to save it. Most importantly, she would have no other choice but to relocate many refugees driven out of their homes by the massive fighting all across the land. She quickly learned of the greed several presidents had during their terms, and how they had made a deal with several foreign adversaries which caused its near destruction. Ultimately,

The Ark Royal and Captain Zee with all the Zhian technologies at his disposal must come to Earth to fight a battle like no other. It was a race against time for the moment Syra resettled on Earth II to save Earth.