Awinita, The Legend

2nd Edition.
This is an expanded edition of the original story. Same story, same great ending, but more details!

Awinita, The Legend. It is a fictional story inspired by old family stories handed down for generations in the author’s family.
This is fiction and in no way indicates the life lived of the woman who inspired the story. It is a story of a Native American woman taken as a child by accident when a group of four settlers tracked down the Indians that had taken three of their young daughters.

During the still of the night, the men quietly slipped into the Indian’s camp and stole the young girls back. Four little girls were sleeping in the teepee; one was not theirs. Awinita must now struggle to learn the white man’s ways. Her tribe now wiped out, her people gone, she must learn to survive in a world where her kind, are the enemy. But the town soon learns to embrace Awinita as she touches the lives of almost everyone in the town of Prosperity!