My Camper Kitchen, A Quick and Easy Cookbook

This is a collection of photographs and recipes. All of them were cooked inside our camper or outside on a grill or smoker. They are simple recipes for the cook who is looking for ideas on what to cook and not necessarily full recipes with more than five ingredients.

This is a recipe card camping cookbook of quick and easy recipes to follow when you have more time planned to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors while camping. Don’t spend your fun time inside prepping and cooking! Now you can cook gorgeous meals in no time at all!

There are over 150 awesome recipes of meals cooked in our camper that you can cook too.
Since we travel in our camper full time and are retired, we don’t do plain hamburgers and hotdogs with the typical potato salad or coleslaw, but memorable meals that are tasty.

This is not your typical outdoor camping cookbook, but a cookbook to follow at home or in a small apartment too. You don’t need a lot of prep space to do these meals.

Many of the recipes in this book are concept recipes, meaning we suggest what to cook and how. This book is not necessarily for the beginner, and you do need knowledge of how to cook.

For this reason, we did not provide prep times, cook times except when needed and nutritional facts, etc. This book was written with the camper in mind who lives or travels in a recreational vehicle but not necessarily those who enjoying tenting.

You don’t need a large, fully stocked pantry to cook up a meal that’s tasty and sure to please everyone. And, living in a small camper or trailer, you are always dealing with not having enough space. So we concentrate on fewer ingredients, less prep, and even cooking time.