My first ever children’s adventure book!

Roscoe, Calico, and Bandit’s Misadventures

Read the misadventures of Roscoe, a dog, and meet his new friends Calico, and Bandit, who are cats. Miss Jane purchases them from a pet store after being found under Mrs. Cunningham’s porch; they’ll make perfect friends for Roscoe.  After a few mishaps, while adjusting to life in a new home, they team up with Timmy, the newspaper boy. He’ll help them search for Snowball, who is Calico, and Bandit’s momma cat. Mrs. Cunningham and Timmy, the newspaper boy hold all the answers for Roscoe, Calico, and Bandit, who have become best friends!

This children’s book comes with activities and coloring pages in the back of the book that is great for all ages to enjoy with a total of 145 pages!

This is a children’s adventure book for all ages!  Perfect for reading to young children or for those who are old enough to read, they will truly enjoy this children’s adventure book!

When you purchase this book, you support Smokey and Oreo, my rescue cats who inspired this book. I found them struggling to survive in a creek. I scooped them up, took them to a veterinarian, and claimed them as mine. They are adorable!  Just think of all the toys. catnip and treats they’ll get with each purchase! Thank you in advance for purchasing this book and I hope your children and grandchildren enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it!