Syra, The Awakening. The Chronicles of Syra Book Three

The Chronicles of Syra! Book Three.
Earth continued to try to rebuild, or at least the United States did. But Syra must now concentrate on Earth II and it’s inhabitants. The population begins to grow on Earth II and discoveries are made every day. New settlements are created and a government established. But an age-old enemy was discovered, and what he informs Syra of, motivates her to have her people build Earth II’s first military base and fleet to protect them from a danger they know, will soon find them. Soon a great epic battle ensues, the shields of Earth II hold up, except one break in its shields. When Syra and James are injured because they are in the one building the enemy sought after, Syra goes through a transformation from the restore pod. Follow this last tale of Syra and find out how she destroys her enemy, then rescues her people left behind back in Zhian Space over 70 years earlier. A story filled with surprises and many truths surface and the people of Earth II is forced to become the aggressor! A truly epic tale from the beginning right up until the end.