The Queen’s Barge: Misadventures in our RV

Brand new release!

The Queen’s Barge: Misadventures in our RV. Join us for an 8-year journey aboard our RV with all the mishaps you can imagine. Our breakdowns to folks we have met. A ton of funny entries that are sure to make you smile!

We are both retired and have been traveling in our RV since 2010, and it took us a while to find the bumps one runs into along the way.
We started a blog and kept a record of our journey. We decided that putting our adventures in an ebook would benefit others and perhaps they would enjoy the stories we told along the way, as we laughed at our selves and blogged away.
John B. Hicks is a retired journalist and photographer and often uses the initials jbh. He lived aboard a 36 ft boat for 10 years, so navigation was right up his alley as he sailed the waters off the coast of Florida. When we started the blog, John mentioned that I should go by TheMrs, aka Mom. It stuck ever since!
Traveling with cats aboard can be hilarious! We started out with Mr. Tigger, a Hemingway cat who was old and overweight and cranky as can be. By 2012, we rescued two small kittens about four months old from a creek at a campground. Now, our crew had really grown! Mr. Tigger would go to live with a friend as travel did not sit well with him, and named the rescues Smokey and Oreo.
We started out with a 1988 Yellowstone Class C. By 2013, we upgraded to a 1993 Holiday Rambler 36 ft diesel pusher. At this point, we started to travel to more places and expand our travel area. We average about 38 campgrounds per year in our adventures and have seen and heard it all!

Because it’s raining outside and you have nothing better to do! Besides, this book is excerpted from our blog, so most of the entries are left in-tact to preserve the humor!

We hope you will enjoy reading about our travels and can see the same humor in the story as we did. There are areas in our book that contain poor grammar, punctuation errors, misspelled words, none existent words, incomplete sentences, incomplete paragraphs, and incomplete thoughts during humourous moments of jotting down our journey. Many entries were written during happy hour; thus, we beg for forgiveness! Now, you can’t say you were not warned.

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