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Announcing a brand new release!

 A Skye Dixon Detective Mystery Series! This is book 1 of the series.
During the Prohibition-era, gangsters control a little town south of Chicago and Sky Dixon had a case to solve before her father’s detective agency’s doors are shuttered for good! When her father died, she was stuck saving the business or go for bust. It will take solving her first murder mystery to save her fathers legacy and his business!

Set in the early 1900s a young woman from Boston inherits her grandfathers land and businesses in Virginia, she must now take over and compete in a man’s world. Single and beautiful, groomed to be a lady and well educated, she will face many obstacles! Miss Emmaline Elizabeth Garrett, granddaughter of Silas Garrett returns to Virginia to take care of her sick grandfather. A short term stay meant only to care for him, and then return to Boston once he got well. But things take a turn for the worse, and Miss Emma is faced with many decisions she was not prepared for. Follow her from the city to a small town, as she struggles to run her grandfathers business and strives to gain respect.

The cover photograph is of my parents John Henry Davidson and Alice Collins! Available in Kindle and Softcover on Amazon!


The author was born in 1955 in Hyden, Kentucky! She lived in a small home in Thousandsticks, just a few miles from Hyden. Her family had lived in that area since 1820 when the first Davidson found a piece of land and a creek that would later be named after he and his descendants as Davidson Fork Rd.

Corporal Benjamin Daniel Davidson, her 3rd Great-Grandfather who served in the Civil War was the very first Davidson to settle Thousandsticks, Kentucky 1820 and his descendants would carve out Davidson Fork Road from out of Bull Creek. Ben Davidson was a direct descendant of James Davidson/Davison I of Scott County, Virginia and he was born in 1725. Her Davidson ancestral lines are through group # 13 of the Family Tree DNA Davidson/Davison project.

Many of her relatives were coal miners and still are today. The author’s parents moved away when she was very small but she never forgot her Kentucky home and those memories inspired many of her books. She returned home time and time again and stayed connected with the many Davidson’s and Collins. Her father was John Henry Davidson and her mother Alice Collins.

She went to college and earned an MBA after her children were nearly grown. She didn’t know a whole lot about her ancestors until she started her genealogy and family research.  She eventually retired and she and her husband travel full time in their recreational vehicle.

The Mountain Series and The Frontier Series are close to her heart because they were inspired by her genealogy research about her family. Look for many new books written by this author, Carolyn Davidson Hicks in the near future!