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"My Family, A Journey Through Time"

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Carolyn Davidson Hicks

Carolyn Davidson Hicks

Special Message: I am working on a new book titled “My Family, A Journey Through Time!” This new book is scheduled to go to print Dec. 2017. I have also had multiple DNA tests taken and have tested other family members as well which will be in the new book! I am very excited about writing about my Appalachian people  and am working on fact checking each and every name from my tree. Collecting data to show photographs when available, birth, marriage, death and lastly census records and land grants, military records, and many many stories!

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I was born in 1955 in Hyden, Kentucky! We lived in a small home in Thousandsticks, just a few miles from Hyden. We farmed the land and had family all around us,  most of which lived on Davidsons Fork Rd, or very close by! Many of my relatives were coal miners, and still are today. My parents moved away when we were  small children, but, I never forgot my Kentucky Home!

I went on to college and earned an MBA. I didn’t know a whole lot about my Ancestors until I started this research.  I started looking in to who they were, and all those wonderful stories I remembered hearing as a child. It was then, that I knew, I had to write it down and document it in a book!  Thus, “A walk with my Ancestors”!

This book is dedicated to my Mother, Father, and all my siblings and the many cousins who have contributed to my research. God Bless, I love you all!

My fondest memory is when we were small we used to travel to the airport to watch the planes take off and land!  Here is a photo of most of us in it!

John Henry Davidson. Martha Parer Collins. Faye, Aaron, Carolyn, Donnie, Marietta and Barbara

John Henry Davidson. Martha Parker Collins. Faye, Aaron, Carolyn, Donnie, Marietta and Barbara


Thank you all for your Interest in my Genealogy and my new book, ” A walk with my Ancestor’s”… This is a photo of this S.E. Kentucky Girl earning her MBA and her beautiful Children. Next photo will be my DAR Certificate!

I earned my MBA, Wow!

I earned my MBA, Wow!

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